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  • Uptasia - Fascinating hidden object games

    Uptasia lets you establish your own production empire. Your first task: Supplying your customers with rolls. After that, you proceed to place your first factory, a bakery. Discover the idyllic world of Uptasia with its green meadows, majestic villas and lively market squares in the style of a point and click adventure. Uptasia will introduce you to the world of the 19th century. In a graphically richly detailed setting, you will establish your own economic empire. To help you progress, unlock upgrades for your factories and production sites as well as further features, you may play hidden object games. Find the objects hidden inside images, and click them as fast as you can.

  • Uptasia is a fun hidden object game set in the 19th century

    Free hidden object games are among the best-known and most popular games of all times. Their concept is as simple as it is entertaining: all you need to do is find and click objects hidden inside an image. The browser game Uptasia, which is set in the 19th century, is centered around hidden object games. Solving picture puzzles will gain you bonus points. These can be used to unlock upgrades for factories, for instance. The better you are, the higher your bonus points. This game is a fascinating blend of hidden object game and economy simulation. Discover a truly entertaining game!

  • Play fun puzzle games in your browser

    The concept hidden object games are based on is known from books. These books, also referred to as "wimmelbooks", contain abundant images, often of everyday life, on which a variety of items can be discovered. But do hidden object games also work in the form of a browser game? To experience hidden object games online, you won't have to go any further than the login page of Uptasia. The entertaining browser game unites hidden object games with elements of business simulation games. Uptasia will transport you to the 19th century, where you'll establish your own economic empire with factories and divers production sites. Inside the villa, a special area of the game, lets you solve the puzzles posed to you by hidden object games. And this is how it's done: you've got 75 seconds, to find several different objects hidden inside a game and click them.

  • The browser-based blend of hidden object and business simulation game

    The browser game Uptasia lets you play free hidden object games. Experience the fun of playing puzzle games. Build factories and productions, and keep upgrading them step by the step. Play hidden object games inside the villa, and unlock new features. Use your chance and enjoy free-to-play hidden object games on Uptasia. You want to experience hidden object games for free? Then sign up on Upjers' portal under en.upjers.com and get started. Uptasia transports you to the 19th century. Join in for free now!

  • Outstanding hidden object games such as Uptasia

    The principle of hidden object games brings to mind Point and click adventures. The browser game Uptasia revolves around free hidden object games. Inside the villa, you may solve hidden object games on a regular basis, and you've got 75 seconds to do so. Find a variety of objects hidden inside an image, and click them as fast as you can. Make sure to click as quickly and as precisely as you can, for each erroneously clicked item will reduce the time you have left. Uptasia cleverly combines motives of hidden object games with elements of business simulation games, and offers you a well-rounded browser game which lets you play hidden object games for free. Experience a colorful and fun game!

  • The entertaining browser game made by Upjers

    This game lets you establish your own economic empire. You open a bakery, bake rolls and sell them to your customers. Uptasia offers you an entertaining blend of hidden object game and business simulation game, and is popular with players of all ages. Join in for free now, build factories and production sites such as the florist or the carpenter's workshop or a dairy, solve hidden object games, and earn great bonuses. To keep your production sites in good shape, you also may mine the resources wood and stone. Uptasia is a fun and entertaining online game. The business simulation game transports you to the 19th century. Join in for free and experience an all-round fun hidden object game.

  • Play the free hidden object game Uptasia online

    You start by establishing your own economic empire. Producing rolls inside your bakery will be your first task, and after that, you will make your way to the top. Solve hidden object games inside the villa and unlock points as well as features which allow you to upgrade your buildings. Discover objects hidden inside a picture. The text below the image will tell you which items you need to find. If you click on an wrong item, the time remaining will be slightly reduced. That's why it pays to click as precisely as possible. To make this easier for you, the pictures come with English subtitles, and thus contain English hints. Make sure to click the hidden objects as quickly and precisely as you can, and thus increase the points you'll receive.

  • Uptasia - From bakery to fruit orchard

    Dive into the fascinating world of Uptasia. Enter an impressive game world with idyllic meadows, majestic villas and lively market places. Solve entertaining hidden object games, to unlock great upgrades. The higher your level, the higher the challenge. You've got 75 seconds to find certain objects hidden inside a picture, and click them. Click only the items asked for, as otherwise your time will be reduced. Develop your own economic empire. You'll start off with a bakery, and will be able to increase the amount of production sites you have as well as their variety as you level up. Use a carpenter's workshop, a dairy, a fruit orchard and many further features. Try it out now - on Uptasia, the hidden object and business simulation game!

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Minimum requirements: 2GB RAM, 1GB Graphics Card, upjers home EULA applies.