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Play Free Hidden Object Games in Your Browser – in Uptasia

In Uptasia you can play free hidden pictures as often as you want. Your impressive villa is the place to go to play hidden pictures. If every factory that you build you’ll unlock another picture puzzle game. You’ll see which factories and picture puzzle games you’ve already unlocked when you enter your villa. The level will be indicated on each building that’s available.


Fascinating Picture Puzzle games

Countless hours of unlimited hidden pictures fun await you in your villa. Expand and upgrade your villa with the points you earn.

Free Hidden Object Games for You

Play hidden object games and you’ll earn points for each hidden object you find. You want to play hidden object games? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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A Knights Armor in Uptasia

Score Points with Hidden Picture Puzzle Games

The points that you earn in the seek-and-find game can be used to expand and upgrade your villa. The extensions are related to the buildings: your factories. It’s easy to get more points: just play free hidden pictures games. If you reach the necessary number of points by playing free hidden pictures games you can level up your villa or unlock more production slots in the factories.

Uptasia: My Villa, My Factories

Your property isn’t just limited to coins, the game currency of Uptasia. No! You also start off with a villa. You improve it in the course of the game by playing free hidden pictures games that are offered in your villa. The points you earn from free hidden object games enable you to carry out upgrades. You also build your empire, which is composed of numerous factories. In these buildings you produce goods like bread, plants, etc. that you sell to your customers. Customers wander through you village and can be recognized by their speech bubbles with gold coins. Click on them to find out what goods they want to buy from you.

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