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Uptasia – Play Hidden Picture Games Free of Charge

The fantastic and free hidden object game Uptasia gives you the chance to build your own business empire. Build factories for production and unlock functions playing hidden picture games, free of charge. Sell your products to your customers for a profit in order to be able to keep building your empire. Turn you dream into reality – start today!


Your Flourishing Empire

Choose from a large number of buildings and build factories for production. Expand your production slots for more output.

Free Hidden Picture Games Online

Unlock upgrades for your factories by solving picture puzzles. Playing hidden picture games online allows you to earn extra points for improving your villa.

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Uptasia Armor

Sale and Production of Goods

In the production facilities available to you, you manufacture various products. Sell them for a profit to the customers passing through the marketplace. In order to be able to complete several products at once you need to expand the buildings with additional slots. That’s why you need to play hidden picture games: free in your villa. Every new factory unlocks new hidden picture games, online in your villa.

Uptasia: The Great Business Simulation

You begin with a small estate and a villa, but things don’t stay small for long. You build factories that produce goods for you. Earn points by playing hidden picture games. Play free in your villa and use points to unlock additional slots. More goods means more profits. The products you manufacture can be sold to your customers, who you’ll meet at the market. The hidden object game lets you earn important points that allow you to level up your villa and get upgrades. The higher you climb, the more buildings you can build. This in turn means that you can play further free hidden picture games. Discover what’s possible in the game Uptasia. Enter the world of hidden picture games: online gaming will never be the same.

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