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Play Hidden Object Games Online In Your Wonderful Villa

Uptasia will be your new favorite game. The heart of your economic expansion is your villa, which radiates power and prestige with its beautiful estate. You can get hidden object games &play online in your villa, the core of Uptasia. You’ll enjoy hidden object games. Free, playful, online: there’s so much to like about them. New buildings unlock new minigames in your villa. Start now!


Your Focus: Your Villa

Your noble villa is the foundation and cornerstone on which you build and expand your economic empire.

Hidden Object Games: Play Online

Unlock production expansions by playing hidden object games. Playing hidden object games & online games is a great way to earn points.

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Uptasia Armor

Your Villa & It’s Possibilities

Your villa is beautiful and lovingly decorated. There’s a wonderful garden surrounding the villa. The higher your level, the more impressive your villa will become. You can level up your villa by placing new buildings, which you, in turn, unlock by progressing in the game All you need to do is play hidden object games. Free! Play online and earn points for production expansions.

My Villa, My Hidden Picture Puzzles

You’ll get access to your first hidden object games online after building the bakery and the flower shop. The minigames are easy, but they will become harder as the game progresses. You’ll be rewarded for every hidden object you find. You can play more hidden object games online with every building you unlock and build. The hidden picture puzzles are easy at first. Either you find the object that matches the description, or you compare two pictures with each other and find the differences. Each difference you find will gain you points that you can invest in expansions and in upgrading your villa. There’s no limit on how much fun you can have.

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Fabulous Free Fun

In Uptasia, your villa by itsel offers you countless game hours of fun. The fantastic game makers at Upjers have worked hard to make it so. Their experience on the browser game market means that they can guarantee fun and diverse games – and all that for free and without having to download anything – whenever you want!

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