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Online Hidden Object Games and Production Buildings: Uptasia

When you first start playing the game Uptasia, you start out with only your beautiful villa. In order to be able to sell goods and thus ensure your success, you need production buildings like the bakery. Place it on an open field and construction will commence. In the meantime, you can play hidden object games, free & online, right in your villa. Try the hidden object games for yourself!


Producing Goods

The key to quickly building a profitable empire is to produce goods that can then be sold for a profit.

Earn Points with Hidden Object Games

You get points and bonus points by playing hidden object games online + free of charge. You’ll need them to unlock further production sites and upgrade your villa.

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A Knights Armor in Uptasia

Your Production Buildings

The higher your level, the larger the array of production facilities you’ll have at your disposal. You can see an overview of the available factories in the shop. Every production building you build unlocks new hidden object games in your villa. The points that you earn through hidden object games enable you to buy additional production slots.

Factories and New Hidden Object Games

Once you’ve built the bakery, the related picture puzzle game will appear in your villa. The points you earn there will be accumulated. You’ll need them later on, to buy additional slots in your production buildings. You’ll also need to earn points to upgrade your villa to the next level. Leveling up will, for instance, unlock the carpentry. Placing that workshop on your map will in turn unlock a further picture puzzle game in your villa. The points you earn are required for villa upgrades and additional production slots. More production means more profit thanks to more sales.

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Upjers: Play Free

Since 2006, the company Upjers has developed browser games. Their rich portfolio includes games like the zoo simulation My Free Zoo and the amusement park and theme park manager My Fantastic Park.

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