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Uptasia: The Business Simulation and Hidden Object Game

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The Hidden Object Game Uptasia – A Business Simulation with a Twist

The essential elements of the game Uptasia are the hidden object games. You can play hidden object games, online + free, whenever you want. Another key ingredient is the business simulation. You’ll be offered many different factories that you can build. In each of these buildings you can produce different goods. In the bakery, for example, you make rolls, bread and later cookies and cakes.


Your Business Empire

Build all kinds of factories from a multitude of different buildings. Produce all sorts of goods and sell them to your customers.

The Free Hidden Object Game

Playing hidden object games online guarantees you free fun. And there’s always something new to discover!

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Uptasia Armor

Build Your Business

You start Uptasia by building your first factory, the bakery. Once construction is complete you can start producing your first goods. You start off with roles. The higher your level, the larger the array of goods you can create, however, such as bread, cookies or cakes. Earn points to unlock further production slots by playinghidden object game. Each new factory unlocks a new hidden object game in your villa.

Is it a Business Simulation or a Hidden Object Game?

Uptasia is crammed with a variety of very entertaining hidden picture puzzle games. With each hidden object game you complete, you earn points for upgrades and expansions. But Uptasia has much more to offer. In order to unlock new hidden picture puzzle games and even new game modes, you need to build factories. You build them around your villa. Starting with the bakery, which is available at the start of the game, more and more new buildings will become available as you level up. Every new factory you build unlocks new hidden picture puzzle games in the villa. And that of course also means that you can produce more and different goods and sell them for a profit.

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Upjers and Uptasia – Quality Entertainment

The company Upjers and their game Uptasia guarantee you countless entertaining hours of playing fun games. But Upjers has even more to offer. Upjers develops games in a variety of genres. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer strategy games, action games or tycoon simulations: there’s something for everyone.

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